Vice President of China Volleyball Association Lang Ping Visits FNU


On Oct. 17th, Ms. Lang Ping, Vice President of China Volleyball Association (CVA), President of Volleyball Academy of China and a fellow of Beijing Normal University, visited FNU and participated in the sharing meeting of the Chinese Women’s volleyball team spirit with the theme of “Learning from the 20th CPC National Congress and talking about the young examples”, together with Xu Yunli and Lin Li, former players of the Chinese Women’s volleyball team and Olympic champions. School leaders of FNU Pan Yuteng and Zheng Jiajian, heads of relevant functional departments and School of Physical Education and Sports Science of FNU, accompanied them during the visit.

Lang Ping visited School of Physical Education and Sports Science and the Sports Science Research Center, where she listened to the introductions about the personnel training, scientific research, discipline construction and other aspects given by their leaders, and expressed her appreciation for the development and achievements in our school's physical education. Lang also visited the Women's Volleyball Exhibition Hall of Glorious Memories, and watched the training of our school men's and women's volleyball teams on the spot.

In the Xiaokui Museum, Lang Ping visited the cultural and creative products of the Xiaokui Series, watched the live recordings of the programs of the student clubs of ball games from the Xiaokui live streaming room, viewed the drawing drafts and finished product display of the picture of Chinese Women's Volleyball Team Winning the First Olympic Championship in the interactive long volume The Voice of the Youth in the History of media convergence, and talked with the young students cordially.

In the old photo gallery, Lang Ping had a detailed understanding of our school's 115-year history and extended her sincere best wishes to our school for its upcoming 115th founding anniversary.

At the sharing meeting, Lang Ping, Xu Yunli and Lin Li shared the growth experience, struggling course, and glories of winning the championships of the Chinese Women's volleyball team, interpreted the profound connotation of its spirit with vivid and detailed examples, and encouraged the young students to carry forward the Chinese Womens volleyball team spirit of putting our motherland first, having super teamwork, working hard and never giving up, to study hard, to hone themselves until they become talents and to grow into a new generation capable of shouldering the responsibility of national rejuvenation. The sharing meeting had a lively atmosphere with frequent interactions, where the struggling and competing spirit inspired the teachers and students present.


(Translated by Zheng Ying/ Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)